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  • 1 hour
  • 150 US dollars

Service Description

The sacred Chumpi stones are used for reconnection, cleansing & clearing the 7 energy centers (also called chakras), strong protection, and grounding. They are used to open, clear, and empower the person’s energy centers. The work is done in the 4 cardinal points, where the shaman will work with the 4 sacred animals and the 4 body centers. There are 7 stones, each representing each of the Apus (sacred mountains) and these hold powerful energies to help with the task at hand. This beautiful harmonizing ceremony works with our relationship with the natural world. They allow space for us to begin to achieve major life transitions and manifest abundance as they make space when clearings are done frequently. This is but a small journey to help you heal, obtain relief, obtain spiritual relief from unrest and spiritual anxiety that manifests in your mental realm that ultimately affects you with emotional and physical symptoms. There is powerful prayer connected with this ceremony in order to find the negative points that need healing, and it provides healing medicine to the 3 bodies of the client; spiritual, physical and energetic body. Of course, we would add the installation of the bands of power to you which is a group of protective rings or better known as energy fields that surround you and thus your luminous energy field will lovingly dispel and ward off any harmful energies that would normally find their way through our natural energetic defenses. This is great during the cleansing side of things as blockages as the Chumpis will draw out any dense energy and blockages and open you up to receive and maintain balance in all your chakras.

Contact Details

  • 1903 South Congress Avenue, Boynton Beach, FL, USA


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