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Shamanic Death Rites/Rebirth Transition

  • 5 hours
  • 650 US dollars

Service Description

This ceremony is a beautiful ceremony that is one of the most sacred of ceremonies I perform. This is all about servicing the person and their families going into transition for end of life purposes as they shed their skins like Amaru and rebirthing process begins. This is a service that needs time in order to allow the transitioning person to recapitulate to friends and family their life story so that it can be passed on to future generations. Alot of things happen during recapitulation and it is all beautiful. It is all about the transitioning person to say what needs to be said and release everything that they need to release so that they don't have to linger. Instead they will be free to take flight onto the spiritual journey that they designed as their future endeavor, without having to worry about us down here. Here is where deep love, consideration, accomplishment, and light is provided and EGO is laid to rest first as it is no longer needed for fear will no longer be in the forefront. We will welcome all spiritual entourage that this person has and invite ancestors to join in the 3 stages of this enlightening process. We will begin with the recapitulation, proceed to the 7 chakra illuminations by teaching the spirit to perform "desprendimiento" and practice leaving the body and opening the Wiracocha so that the important "data" that this person has saved in their memories can safely be saved from each chakra. The final part of this Rebirthing rite is the Great Spiral and Flight stage. It is strongly encouraged that family members get the opportunity to participate in helping this soul take flight to the spiritual reals as the final step of this ceremony. This will be a deeply moving and healing experience for all. It is important to discuss all the particulars of this event with everyone involved so that it is a memorable departure and one that will fill us all with great loving medicine. This ceremony takes 5+ hours that can be broken down into several days because of family member availibility as well as mine. It will need to be planned very carefully.

Contact Details

  • 1903 South Congress Avenue, Boynton Beach, FL, USA


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