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  • 2 hours
  • 175 US dollars

Service Description

Do you feel like there's a lost part of your soul and usually feel like a part of you is missing, perhaps that you don't belong here? After a major life event, this does happen. It's a defense mechanism to help you survive the experience. This ceremony is one that can only be performed after substantial healing progress has been made and should not be scheduled without mutual agreement. Soul retrieval ceremonies must always be adhered to the highest ethical standards and not performed prematurely as it can affect the integration of the returning soul part. It is also imperative to work with a shaman who has healed themselves prior to performing this ceremony for you because that can guarantee that the work has been done before. What can happen is that this shaman will journey to the realm of the collective unconscious and in to the chambers of your soul with the help of your guides and mine. Once all required permissions are granted for the retrieval to happen successfully, those elements will be brought back energetically for reintegration with your luminous energy field (LEF) and energy body. This ceremony will bring in and awaken what we know as a "sacred drama" to uncover the meaning behind the retrieved elements as well as a post-session meeting to empower you to continue exploring your path to wholeness as part of your reintegration process. This is a package that includes 3 soul retrievals and a soul re-alignment with soul sealing. Each session is performed one month apart with the last one containing the re-alignment and soul sealing ceremony. It is recommended that you first schedule for the Shaman Consultation to see if you need this soul retrieval package in the first place, unless you have received confirmation prior to this visit. The cost of the initial Shaman Consultation will go towards the cost of this Soul Retrieval session. While this process is considered to be best in person, it can be performed long distance. Once you book this session, we will forward a form for preparations that need to be ready for our session. This is a 2 hour session.

Contact Details

  • 1903 South Congress Avenue, Boynton Beach, FL, USA


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